First Day As A Google Reader JAVA API Contributer

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Actually I am more of celibarating than announcing my first contribution to The Unofficial Google Reader APIs Java implementation. Today, I proudly commited some code to this great project that helped me out in my latest project.

I Added the following functionalities :

  • Ability to get all unread items in a label.
  • Ability to mark all unread items in a label as read.
  • Ability to get Google User ID.
  • Ability to edit a subscription to be marked to a specific label.

I hope someone benifits my additions, as I gained many benifits from this great project.
And Big thanks to Sebestian ( The project owner )


Google Reader Trends

Actually I Dunno How is this happening !!! … But, Here it is !!!!!

I wish I Cotninue this way .. Hoping someday I will reach 1000 per day !!