Keep Skype Alive Script

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I started to dislike skype.

  • Skype Application is closed source.
  • They (Skype Company) force users to use Untested Beta Version.
  • Upgrades are very slow for linux.

Lately, I had an issue the last few days with skype, It crashes while I’m talking and being away from the pc.

So, I tried to make a solution to keep skype alive.

Ok, I failed,  but I made a script to start skype again when it crashes.

while :; do echo "<em>USERNAME</em> <em>PASSWORD</em>" | skype --pipelogin; sleep 60; clear; done

Skype normally does not support multi-instances  for the same username, so as long as the original skype instance is up and running no new instances of skype will get instantiated. But, when it crashes, a new skype instance will start and login automatically.

Making the privacy configurations “Auto-accept” for all incomming calls, When skype crashes, normally the call’s other end gets “Call Dropped”.

So, He/She calls again, with the auto accept; I don’t need to get beside the PC to Accept the call.

For me this was helpful, I hope it is for you too.

I welcome any suggestions to replace skype with any communication application, that is reliable and OS independent, running on mobile devices and has clear voice too.


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