Connecting Twitter, Facebook, WordPress And LinkedIn For More Audiance

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Recently, I have registered in Twitter and LinkedIn. I already have WordPress and  Facebook accounts. I know there are connections between these web applications, but I’ve never tried using them. I don’t use LinkedIn very often, and I don’t open Twitter at all.

Recently, I admired Twitter because its simple. Subscribing to professionals in your career, helps you recieve latest news, wonderful ideas and lots of arguments and suggestions instantly. So, I thought why not to connect them together.

At first I connected Twitter with LinkedIn ( From LinkedIn Profile – Applications )

I connected WordPress to LinkedIn ( From LinkedIn Profile – Applications )

I Connected  WordPress to Twitter [ Showing my tweets aside of my blog ] ( From WordPress Appearance – Widgets )

And at last I searched for Twitter application in Facebook and added it to my Facebook account, allowing Twitter to update my Facebook status and its done .

And after all, I downloaded FireFox Echofon to send tweets to my twitter ( Updating all those statuses [ Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress And Twitter ).

Awesome, isn’t it 😉 ?

Best Of Luck You All.


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